Property & Electro Maintenance

Electro Mechanical Services

Strict adherence to SOPs, maintenance of checklists and flow charts and deployment of qualified and well-trained technicians and engineers ensures and enables seamless operations of all electro mechanical systems in a facility.

Through our regular energy audits and our Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Programmes, we help clients save and improve the life of equipments.

Plumbing & Carpentry Services

Addressing all repairs and maintenance needs of our clients is an integral part of our business. We provide trained and experienced professionals to address plumbing, and carpentry repairs and maintenance issues in the quickest possible time.

Façade Cleaning

A clean and maintained exterior or façade of a building adds to its beauty. Considering the high number of corporate offices with glass façades, we at CFMS have a special team of knowledgeable experts who conduct the façade cleaning activity for our clients.

Depending on the client facility, budget and requirement, our team of experts advise on the best method for façade cleaning.

Pest Control

CFMS offers safe, eco-friendly basic pest control services to deal with minor infestation of mosquitoes and cockroaches. For any serious infestation that requires professional attention, the CFMS team will approach the professional agencies with client approval.

Chair and Carpet Shampooing - Upholstery Cleaning

Carpets and chairs are something that most people take for granted, but a dirty carpet or chair is one of the first things that people notice. AT CFMS we have a wide range of Carpet/Chair Care Programs and services that keep your carpets/chairs looking good and lasting longer.

We use the latest advanced equipment and cleaning solutions available in the market. This ensures excellent quality cleaning and reduced drying time. Before cleaning your carpet/chair you will be briefed about the procedure. We also conduct a small shrinkage and colour run test on your carpet/chair before taking on the job thus ensuring and implementing the right cleaning procedure for the items. In most cases we use low moisture hot water extraction method to attain best results.

Why your carpet/chair needs cleaning

  • Carpet acts as an air filter (Improve Indoor Air Quality)
  • Provides a clean and healthy environment
  • Trapped soil has a sand paper effect on carpet fibers
  • Clean carpet/chair improves moral and productivity
  • Prolongs life of carpet/chair and protects your investment
  • Boosts corporate image

Different methods and chemicals need to be used for different types and styles of carpets/chairs. Our technicians know how to select the appropriate cleaning system for your carpets. The following is the CFMS difference:

  • We bring years of unparalleled quality commercial carpet/chair care experience to your office
  • We associate with several manufacturers and vendors that keep us informed of new technologies and advancements in the industry
  • We continually test new products at our facilities to ensure the best result in yours

Chemicals Used

  • Non-toxic, safe for children and pets.
  • Non-resoiling.
  • Enzyme-free.
  • Bacteria-free.
  • Odourless.
  • Solvent-free

We constantly study new products as we search for the best results.