Project Management

Turnkey Projects

We undertake turnkey projects for total interiors & infrastructure offering renovation (refurbishing) which includes a special team consisting of:

  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Electrical Experts

Inventory Control

Inventory management is the process of efficiently managing the steady flow of items into and out of an existing inventory.

Asset Management is an important aspect of Inventory Management. Most businesses have a large part of their wealth tied up in assets or property. Assets such as buildings, automobiles, machinery, furniture, fixtures, equipment, computers, etc… To make optimum use of assets companies must have an efficient and competent inventory management process. Time and again companies require the value or worth of these assets along with additional details like, where the assets are stored, when were they purchased, how much did it cost, etc...

Managing Admin Works

In today's competitive business environment, focusing on core competencies and maintaining a lean and trim organization structure has become a key element in achieving a competitive edge.

CFMS plays the important role of contributing knowledge and ideas towards achieving service excellence. Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of service and products, enabling them to :

  • Focus on Core Competencies
  • Achieve Office Process standardization
  • Reduce Office Management Costs
  • Improve Work environment & Relationship Building

Our enthusiastic and committed individuals enable us to develop and deliver customized world class services to all our clients. We at CFMS offer our clients a broad range of administrative functions to choose from.

Coordination of AMC's

We at CFMS offer customized support solutions for Annual Maintenance Contracts at a fixed annual cost.

Taking responsibility of your AMC's we offer and ensure service quality and optimized results thus releasing our customers from needless administrative workload