Catering/Guest House Food Service Management

We offer our customers a wide variety of healthy, responsible food options and make it simple for patrons to eat healthy. The idea is to provide our guests good food at a reasonable price. We encourage and support our communities through local sourcing and integrate sustainable practices into our business and lives.

We care about our environment and therefore observe our company's ecological guidelines on waste segregation, recycling and energy conservation.

Cafeteria Management

We plan, execute and deliver food services and clean up as well. We manage cafeterias for customers where in the client provides the space, equipment and utilities, and we take care of the rest.

  • Hiring trained staff - Facility Managers, Chefs, Stewards, Housekeepers
  • Plan the menu as per client requirement
  • Kitchen Services - ordering raw materials to assembling and cooking
  • Provide Pantry Service - Taking orders (if A la carte) - Serving - Clearing
  • Washing dishes and mopping the floor
  • Cafeteria - Inventory Management